#TrendTalk3: The floor is yours!

On the 27th of March Ecoavantis will participate in #TrendTalk3, a debate on Effective Communication and Sustainability organized in Brussels by Springtime, the Belgian agency specialized in communication concerning sustainability. Alberto López, Director of Business Development at Ecoavantis, will attend the debate together with eight representatives from the other members of the DNS network.

The debate will be structured according to the so-called Pecha-Kucha format, a fast-paced presentation style in which each speaker gets a maximum of 7 minutes to exhibit their ‘Big Idea’ in relation to the topic of the night. It has proven to be a guarantee of heated debate.

It is nothing new for companies to express concerns about climate change and many are in fact involved in projects related to Social Responsibility. However, when it comes to communicating their efforts and results many are still wondering: ‘Why is it so hard to get this message across?’.

The #TrendTalk3 debate serves to inspire its participants and bring new, innovative ideas to the table in order to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts that drive genuinely ambitious communication projects.

Be sure not to miss it! You will discover exactly what it is that gives communication the power to be awe-inspiring.


Alberto López/Ángela Ruiz


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