EMASESA Sustainability Report: How to achieve broader reach and accessibility

EMASESA is Seville’s water supply and sanitation company. Having assumed its responsibility for sustainable development as a public company, the company is bringing it to life through its Sustainable Public Management Strategy (GPS, Gestión Publica Sostenible). As we prepared EMASESA’s 2019 Sustainability Report, we learned more about this complete strategy. (LINK).

By immersing ourselves in the strategy, we have been able to develop both understandable and rigorous content, which features EMASESA’s vision for each area in which it works in order to place it in context and communicate the milestones achieved in 2019. 

As part of these milestones, EMASESA has highlighted the need for action in the face of the climatic and ecological crisis, an action aligned with the declaration of Seville, Spain’s first city to make this commitment.

In accordance with the guidelines laid out in “EMASESA before the climate emergency #50medidas” the company is implementing a variety of measures to reduce emissions while achieving an almost 40% reduction in emissions when compared to 2015. 

Added to this commitment are initiatives to address climate change and to improve spaces in the cities in which EMASESA operates. In addition to their attentive service to customers and the sustainable management of the infrastructure, all of these actions are aimed at having a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

We are working to build a sustainable company that benefits everyone and contributes to the improvement of our populations, says Jaime Palop, CEO of EMASESA.

Documents have been designed by Ecoavantis in a friendly, sympathetic style with flat illustration elements that highlight the integral water cycle to facilitate the connection between the content and the company’s activities. All of this is mixed with recycled paper details for a more visually appealing result. Also included are photographs of the EMASESA equipment and facilities.

The document is also interactive, so the user can navigate through the different chapters by using a menu on most of the pages. The result is a usable document, which can be accessed by the reader by jumping between chapters, thereby increasing interest, as well as making reading easier.

The result is a more concise and easy-to-read Sustainability Report that supports EMASESA’s goal with its publication: to be more transparent and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, we will be producing other communication materials to enhance its dissemination over the coming weeks.

Ángela Ruiz, Ecoavantis

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