The main agent for achieving SDGs is business

A new report published by the Red Española del Pacto Mundial (Spanish Network for Global Compact) on the occasion of the fifth anniversary since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identifies companies as the primary force in achieving the goals. Their local and global actions are crucial to making these goals a reality for a better world for everyone.

Businesses are increasingly incorporating sustainability into their business models. Those in which it was already a reality have even further solidified its place because it is no longer just an addition to the organization’s business strategy, but part of it. Consequently, these companies are better equipped to help our society grow with consideration for the environment and our communities in mind. As a result, the quality of growth also improves.

In addition, supporting the SDGs within the company roadmaps provides a chance for companies to adapt to the crisis caused by Covid-19, another incentive to include them and make contributions.

There are also SDG reviews in regulations, such as Law 11/2018 on Non-Financial Information and Diversity, whose requirements must be included in the annual reports of numerous companies. Furthermore, due to their relevance, they have begun to become part of standards and their corresponding certifications whose objective is to examine and verify how companies’ sustainability strategies contribute to the SDGs.

The SDGs thus serve as a unified global framework that helps organizations, from all sectors, and, in particular, from within the companies themselves, visualize and work towards a common sustainable horizon. In this way, even greater results can be achieved by joining forces.


Ángela Ruiz, Ecoavantis

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